Privacy Ploicies

At THE BIGHA REAL ESTATE, we care about the privacy of our visitors and we are committed to protecting your privacy and data at all times.
We do not collect any data or your personal information, discreetly. Wherever, requisite information about your demographics or preference is needed, the same is collected through fillable data entry fields available on the website. It is not our policy to collect any personal data without first advising you of this. You will always know when you are providing personal data to us. For example if you fill in a form or make an order from this website we will need to take certain information from you in order to complete the requisite details and process your order. This may include details relating to your mode of payment. We do not store any transaction details as we use secure e-payment gateways to process our payments through approved third party merchant processors.
Secure e-payments is a part of third party gateway and their privacy policy can be viewed at a payment stage.
We will use any data that you provide to us to notify you of offers or products that may be of interest to you but at no time will we provide your data to third parties for their marketing activities. In case you wish to stop these alerts, you may simply opt out by writing back to us of your desire to not be included in the mailing list.
The security of all information that we collect and store is critical and we observe strict data security guidelines to make sure that all data is stored and processed securely. If you have any questions or queries regarding our privacy policy use and storage of data, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

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